Senior Entertainment Pros


       Senior Entertatinment Pros is a Spinn Doctors Limited company. Spinn Doctors was formed in 1994 in Wisconsin as a DJ Service, it was aquired in 2001 by The Vavoom Show ( a karaoke providor) and became known as Spinn Doctors Entertainment and Events. From 2001 forward Spinn Doctors expanded their service offerings to include several types of entertainment, and then backend management services.

        In 2011 we added stratigic partnering into the mix working with various companies to help impliment and expand their brands throughout the U.S. In 2013 our president, Robby Ellicson was invited to be a speaker at the largest national convention for mobile entertainers in Las Vegas. He followed that up with 2 books on the karaoke industry, one of which reached the position of #2 on the Amazon's best seller list under the catagory of Business Systems.

In 2015, at  family function, Robby ran into a cousin of is mother. This cousin was a retired college professor that had started to run memory game events for seniors at a local community center.  In their conversation he learned of all the health benefits to seniors aside from just entertaining them through fun, social activities. He went to work the next day looking into what he could offer this audience with the resources at his disposal. 

Our first offering was JukeBox Bingo which we tested locally to perfect, both as an activity and to learn to effectively work with and entertain seniors.

We are now proud to say we are offering more then 10 types of activities with more on the way.

In the begining of 2018 a friend who worked with Retirement Community indusrty pointed out that there was no consistancy to entertainment for largers providors to utilize, as they do with other typesof vendors. He also noted that most available entertatinment was far less interactive then what we were offering. Thus Senior Entertainment Pros was born.

We now can offer our fun, professional, beneficial activities across the U.S.




As a whole we are a group of people who bevieve in using our powers for good. With a firm appreciation of the past and positive hope for the future. we work hard and believe that people have the right to play hard as well.
We hold our selves and anyone who represents us, not only to a professional demeanor, and quality work, but to patiance, and an appreciation of our clients and audiance because without them we couldn't exist.
Hire us because:

We care.

We take pride in our professionalism, our quality, and our value.

We can make your life simpler, though our easy of use.

  1. Robby Ellicson
    Robby Ellicson
    Chief Development Officer, owner
  2. Robyn Maczka
    Robyn Maczka
    Chief Logistics Officer, owner
  3. Alexis Lasky
    Alexis Lasky
    Customer Service CoOrdinator