Our Activities

Entertainment that BENEFITS your community!
  1. Jukebox Bingo
    Name that Tune meets Bingo! We replace the numbers on bingo cards with sing title, and play songs instead of calling out numbers. Each game has it's own theme.
  2. Box Office Bingo
    The same as Jukebox Bingo above, but with a focus on TV and Movies instead. Can also be presented visually with a TV/Projector.
  3. Sing-a-Long-oke
    Karaoke sing-a-long , with the lyrics projected onto a screen or a wall. Can be done in themes or freestyle.
  4. Team Karaoke
    Lightedhearted competitive team karaoke.
  1. Classic Karaoke
    Sing solo, as a group , or duet. We bring in 50,000+ songs to choose from, with a professional host and state of the art equipment
  2. Senior Trivia
    Hour long trivia matches, play as an individual or part of team! All questions are geared toward a senior demographic.
  3. Family Night Trivia
    Trivia match built for your community and their visiting families.
  4. Guess Who?
    The celebrity guessing game, if you like People Magazine you'll love this game. a 1 in 5 chance at being right on every question!
  1. Pop of the List
    The Popular answer game, if you like family fued, this is you game! Can be played in teams, head to head, or every man for himself!
  2. Sit Com Theater
    Scripts from your favorite classic sitcoms, with the parts played by your own community with our acting while sitting concept- fun to watch - fun to participate in.
  3. Just For Laughs
  4. More Activities coming Soon!
Imagine a fun interactive trivia type of game where the 'answers' are actually punchlines!